Intelligent Digital Display Instrument

basic information
Intelligent Control Instrument
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This series of digital display instruments is suitable for the collection and display of AC voltage, current and DC analog signals. The internal use of the microprocessor for mathematical calculations, the signal can be collected, calculated, corrected display, alarm, transmission output and other functions.
Feature of product:
1. Single channel signal input isolation sampling (isolation voltage 1500V+);
2. Transmission output (isolated voltage 1500V+) with electrical isolation from power supply and signal output;
3. The transmission output curve can be set and modified at will;
4, switching power supply design, can work in the ultra-wide power input range;
5. The upper and lower limits of the alarm output can be set arbitrarily;
6. Computational digital adjustment of the new concept;
7. Unique full open user self-setting interface;
8, the appearance is small, easy to operate, powerful, easy to install and debug.
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