MNS low-voltage draw-out switchgear

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High And Low Voltage Complete System
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MNS low-voltage complete switchgear equipment is applicable to system with AC 50(60)HZ rated working voltage 660V and below, which is used for the control of equipment for electricity generation, power transmission, power distribution, conversion of electrical energy, and power consumption. The equipment meets IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, JB/T9661 and other related standards.   
Characteristics of product   
1. The framework adopts integrated structure. The basic framework is assembled by C-typed rolled steel. 
2. Each cabinet is divided into three chambers, namely horizontal busbar chamber, drawer chamber, and cable chamber. All the isolation chambers are separated by steel plate or high-strength flame retardant plate. Metal segregation board with ventilation holes is installed between the upper and lower drawers, which is directed at effectively preventing flashover born of fault of the switch element or accident born of short circuit of the busbar and other circuit. 
3. Compact design: Many power units are accommodated in smaller space. 
4. The structural member shows high universality and can be assembled flexibly. Taking E=25mm as modulus, the structure and extract unit can be combined freely to meet the need of system design. 
5. The busbar is protected by high-strength flame retardant plastic function board with high insulation strength, and can resist fault arc, which ensures safe, reliable operation maintenance. 
6. The mechanical interlocking mechanism with drawers of all sizes meets the standard and has such three remarkable positions as link, experiment and separation. 
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