ODL980 frequency converter

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Frequency Conversion Series
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ODL980 frequency converter is a type of universal multifunctional frequency converter which carries out V/F control on AC asynchronous motor. It can be applied to driving spinning, paper making, wiredrawing, machine tool, packing, food, draught fan, water pump, and various automatic production equipment. ODL980 frequency converter is high in torque, and can be debugged simply. It can also accomplish operation in eight speeds, closed loop process control for the system, network deployment, etc. 
Characteristics of product 
1. It enables controlling several electric motors by one frequency converter as well as air / water supply in constant voltage; 
2. It can communicate with PLC to bring about centralized operation of network; 
3. Current vector SPWM control ensures low outpput of harmonic wave and low noise; 
4. The wide input range is ±15% which fits for China’s national condition on voltage very much; 
5. Powerful function, high cost performance, easy installation and simple operation; 
6. The soft start and soft shutdown function prevents the water hammer phenomenon. 
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