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2017/12/19 21:15
The same piece of iron can be sawn and destroyed, and it can be refined into steel.
The same piece of iron can be sawn and destroyed, and it can be refined into steel. The same team can do nothing but accomplish the great cause. In order to enrich Oudeli's corporate culture and improve teamwork and cooperation capabilities, and let everyone enhance team cohesion and communication and cooperation capabilities in a relaxed sports atmosphere, the company organized this field development training activity with the theme of “breakthrough self” and “smelt team”. .
This event combines the obstacles, hardships, frustrations, and other difficulties inherent in the natural environment to enhance individual willpower, team communication skills, collaboration capabilities and resilience. Through the development of this training activity, everyone has seen their own advantages and disadvantages, but also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, so as to achieve the goal of stimulating potential and smelting the team. Everyone learns through practice, changes in experience learning, benefits greatly, and has more insights into life. After experiencing the joy of dedication, collaboration and courage, everyone feels the essence of “responsibility, collaboration, and self-confidence” and the responsibilities to be part of the company. At this time, under tense work and pressure, close to nature, feel the mountains and rivers, let the mind fly, improve work efficiency, mobilize work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and provide a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development.
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